Delete Temp Files With BleachBit: CCleaner of Linux

Every operating system, Windows, Mac, Linux, create temporary files while running. Software installations and uninstallations also create temp files. These files consume a small part of hard disk space. In addition to this, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox like web browsers store histories, web caches, cookies etc.. Accumulation of these files also reduces the useful space. […]

How to Solve: Ubuntu Update Error “Failed to fetch cdrom”

Problem: While trying to update Ubuntu using the command sudo apt-get update in terminal results in the following error: W : Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 11.10 _Oneiric Ocelot_ – Release amd64 (20111012)/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs E: Some index files […]

How to add VLC to Ubuntu Sound Menu

The new and stylish VLC 2.0 has been released recently and now it supports the integration with the sound menu meaning you can now control the VLC player from the Ubuntu sound menu like you do with Rythembox or Banshee. By default it is not enabled in Vlc but can be easily enabled by following […]

Take the Ubuntu User survey

Ubuntu is conducting an official survey to know what users think about Ubuntu, how much satisfied they actually are with the Ubuntu experience and whether or not they would like to use the experimental new service offered by Ubuntu apart from the basic demographic information. So the users who always cry for “I hate Unity” […]

How to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 Beta from Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 12.04, the LTS (Long Term Support) version, beta version is out. According to the release schedule of Ubuntu 12.04, the final version will be released by the end of April. In case you are an early adopter and wants to try your hand on the beta release, here is how to upgrade to the beta […]

How to Solve: Backspace key does not work in Mozilla Firefox in Ubuntu Linux

Most of us are used-to of using the backspace key to go back to previous page while browsing in Mozilla Firefox. By default, Firefox in Linux doesn’t provide the functionality of pressing backspace for going back to previous page which is quite irritating as it forces one to use the mouse.
A little tweak is required in Firefox configuration to make it work. Here is what you need to do: