Stellar OLM to PST Converter Review

When it is all about storing contacts, e-mails and calendar entries, there rises a problem when it comes to their migration. Converting the backup files of one format to another is always an issue which is what we are going to focus in this review.

As we know, the backup files of Outlook for Mac (OLM) are saved with .OLM extension which cannot be opened in the Microsoft Outlook program. To serve this purpose, Stellar Data Recovery introduces a tool that takes care of migrating OLM backup files into PST files.

What’s the need of conversion?

OLM to PSt converter

Necessity 1:

Outlook for Mac may be a remarkable tool but not that efficient that of Windows’s. It won’t support ActiveX controls, ODF files and Arabic family language styles (right-to-left). It also cannot handle the RTF file attachments which are sent by other mail clients.

For example, if Windows mail client sends a ‘winmail.dat’ attachment, Mac’s outlook cannot handle or recognize it.

Necessity 2:

When you are migrating to a new environment or wanted to, migrating the OLM backups is a big task as all the contacts and schedules are in a total different format. Sitting down in front of two computers with different environments (Mac & Windows) and copy-typing every contact is not a wise decision even.

In such situations, Stellar OLM to PST converter will come to your rescue and saves your day.

Key features of Stellar OLM to PST converter (Pros)

Migrates as it is

Stellar OLM to PST converter converts the Mac’s outlook backup files to Microsoft outlook files without disturbing the structure of the organized data and by not affecting the settings, configurations and the content.

Convert OLM files into Office 365 format

This tool allows you to convert the OLM files in to PST files which can be given as an input for the Office 365 to use.

Finds the OLM files automatically

Stellar OLM to PST converter tool not only allows you to just convert but also cares for the user sophistication by helping him find the OLM files on a particular volume or from a particular mailbox.

Once it lists out all the OLM backup files on your computer, one can easily convert the selected ones.

OLM to PSt converter_1

Previews converted emails

The preview feature is a frustration killer. You might not have to worry if it is the right file or not. Once the conversion is done, you can navigate through the hierarchal structure of the organized files and click on them to see preview in the side by pane. As said before, it helps you to preview the converted files before they are saved actually.

Generates log reports

Log files are a great source to know the activity flow of the job-done process for any software. This tool also generates a log file with all the activity information that would help you know if anything goes terribly wrong due to the computer or software wreckage.

Live updates as well

To keep the software bug free and make it easier to use, Stellar will be releasing patches in the form of updates to the software which can be set to update automatically.


Stellar OLM to PST file converter is compatible with the most loved versions of windows, Windows XP, 7 and 8. It can recognize and convert the OLM files of ‘Outlook for Mac Data file 2011’ in to the MS Office versions of 2007, 2010 and 2013. The compatibility might be extended along the future versions of this tool.

That’s about Stellar OLM to PST file converter. I am sure you will find it as useful as I did. Till next time!

How To Close Running Apps In OnePlus One [Quick Tip]

see and close running apps in OnePlus

If you have managed to buy a OnePlus smartphone for yourself, you must be feeling lucky. After installing and running several apps, you might be wondering how to close running apps in OnePlus.

Considering that you have just switched to OnePlus, it is not unusual that you find tiny things ‘missing’. In most of the android devices you can find the option to see the running apps on the screen buttons. But as OnePlus comes with CyanogenMod, an Open Source mobile OS based on Android, you will find that pressing the same left capacitive button gives you the option to change wallpapers and themes. [Read more…]

How To Enable Touchpad Click In Mac OS X Yosemite

If you are new to Mac, you might have noticed that tap click in Mac OS X Yosemite doesn’t result in left mouse click by default. You will have to press the left touchpad (or trackpad, as it is called in Mac world) button for this purpose which is cumbersome. In this quick post we shall see how to fix touchpad click not working in Mac OS X.

Enable touchpad click in Mac OS X Yosemite

Let’s see how to enable tap click easily:

Step 1:

From the top left screen, click on the Apple logo and go to System Preferences:

System Preferences in Mac OS X

Step 2:

[Read more…]

OLX India Rules The Mobile World Of Classified Ads

OLX India Mobile App which has turned out to be a game changer in India for classified ads, is ruling the mobile world as well. OLX for Android has over 10 million installs in less than 3 months which is a clear proof of OLX’s growing popularity.

If you do not know already, is an online portal for classified ads. While such sites are common in first world countries, it is first of well managed and smartly promoted websites in India. In fact, OLX can be credited for creating a consumer-to-consumer selling market segment in India which does not even existed before OLX.

Unlike the traditional way, on OLX users can put up their used goods, be it electronics, furniture or clothes. That’s not it, one can sell literally everything, this is why it originally campaigned as “sab kuch bikta hai” (everything is being sold here). Buyers can choose from a vast selection of used items, under their budget, within their comfort zone, right from their computer/mobile screen. OLX doesn’t sells the products on its own. It just provides a platform for buyers and for the sellers, both common people.

You can assess its popularity by the fact that gets over a billion views per month. OLX’s “bech de” campaign is a part of gen-next lingo. In short, OLX has changed the way India used to sell its used item.

The fact that youth of India spends most of its internet time on mobile instead of desktop, forced OLX to have a native app with clean interface and easy to navigate design. This resulted in its Android app which, as stated earlier, has already been a huge hit with over 10 millions download in less than 3 months. With 4+ average rating on Android, OLX is ruling the Android world as well.

You can download OLX app for other mobile platform as well. OLX is available on all major mobile platform such as iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.

Have you tried OLX on mobile? How is your experience? DO share it with us.

Google PageRank Update Is Back In 2013

Google Pagerank update 2013

Contrary to popular belief, Google Pagerank is not dead. Many SEO gurus predicted that Google will not release any Pagerank update in the year 2013. But guess what? Google surprised them with a Google Pagerank update on 5-6 December 2013. Sort of year end gift for so many bloggers out there. You can check Google Pagerank for your blog here.

Generally, Google used to release Pagerank update every 3-4 months. But there has been no updates since last February. This leaded many to believe that Google has dropped Pagerank like several other dead Google projects.

Pagerank is usually an indicator of a website’s reputation. It is usually determined by how many websites link to a certain website. It also depends upon the weight of the link which means one link from a big website (with better Pagerank) will be more ‘valuable’ than several links from low Pagerank websites. You can read this article to know in detail how Google Pagerank is determined.

As you can see Google Pagerank for both of our blogs Computer And You and It’s FOSS (an authority blog on Ubuntu) has been decreased from 3 to 2 despite the increase in traffic and backlinks. It’s time for me to determine what I have been doing wrong that my Pagerank decreased. Meanwhile you can have a look at the history of Google Pagerank update:

History of Google Pagerank update:

Google PageRank Update in 2013

  •         February 04th 2013

Google PageRank Update in 2012

  •         November 07th 2012
  •         August 02th 2012
  •         May 02th 2012
  •         February 07th 2012

Google PageRank Update in 2011

  •         November 08th 2011
  •         June 27th 2011
  •         January 20th 2011

Google PageRank Update in 2010

  •         April 03rd 2010

Google PageRank Update in 2009

  •         December 30th 2009
  •         October 30th 2009
  •         June 25th 2009
  •         May 27th 2009
  •         April 1st 2009

Google PageRank Update in 2008

  •         December 31st 2008
  •         September 26th 2008
  •         July 25th 2008
  •         April 30th 2008
  •         February 29th 2008

Google PageRank Update in 2007

  •         December 12th 2007
  •         October 28th 2007
  •         April 30th 2007
  •         January 25th 2007
  •         January 10th 2007

Google PageRank Update in 2006

  •         September 28th 2006
  •         July 30th 2006
  •         April 4th 2006
  •         April 7th 2006
  •         February 18th 2006
  •         May 27th 2006
  •         January 30th 2006
  •         January 4th 2006

How did this Google Pagerank update work for you? Did it increase or decrease?? Was this Pagerank update up to your expectation?? Do share your views.

How To Activate USB Debugging Mode In Nexus 7 2013

How To Enable USB debugging mode in Nexus 7 2013

If you want to root your Nexus 7, one of the main prerequisite is to enable the USB debugging mode. If you don’t have USB debugging mode activated, you might see an error like this when you try to reboot bootloader:

abhishek@itsfoss:~$ adb reboot bootloader
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
error: device not found

How to activate USB debugging mode in Nexus 7 2013:

While I performed this quick tutorial in Nexus 7 2013 WiFi model running Android Kitkat, I think similar steps can be performed on other Android devices as well. To activate USB debugging mode in Nexus 7, follow the steps below:

  • In your Nexus 7, go to Settings->About Tablet->Build Number
  • Tap 7 times on the build number. This will enable the Developer option
    How to enable USB Debugging Mode in Nexus 7 2013
  • Go back to the main screen of Settings. Move to the bottom and look for Developer Options.
    How to enable USB Debugging Mode in Nexus 7 2013
  • In Developer Options, move down a bit to find USB Debugging option. Check it to activate it.
    How to enable USB Debugging Mode in Nexus 7 2013

That’s all you had to do to activate USB debugging mode in Nexus 7 2013. Next time you connect to your computer you’ll prompted with a message about allowing USB debugging with the connected computer. If it is your own computer, check on Always allow to avoid future prompting of this message.

How to enable USB Debugging Mode in Nexus 7 2013

I hope this quick tutorial helped you to enable USB debugging option in Nexus device. You might want to check how to unlock bootloader of Nexus 5 tutorial. Any questions or suggestions are most welcomed. Enjoy :)

Samsung Puts Up Billboard With An Embarrassing Typo

Meaning of a sentence is changed just by the order of words, comma, full stop etc. A full stop (.) means end of sentence while three dots (…) extends the sentence. Philosophy and grammar aside, a typo (missing space) on a billboard put for Samsung Galaxy Note has changed the meaning completely.

Most of the touch devices are used by fingers. Samsung, in an effort to emphasis on the use stylus with Galaxy Note, tried to put up an advertisement:

Pen is, mightier than the finger.

Unfortunately, the typo lead to an altogether different meaning with the missing space between ‘Pen’ and ‘is':

Penis, mightier than the finger.

Samsung Penis billboard funny advertisement

I don’t need to tell you what does it mean :P But this typo is certainly embarrassing for Samsung.

By the way. Twitter is abuzz with rumors that this was a deliberate attempt from Samsung to grab attention. The use of comma in the tagline indicates the same.

[Update] Samsung responded:

Samsung spokesperson termed these pictures a ‘fake’. In its response Samsung said:

The alleged typo on a Galaxy Note 10.1 billboard, of course, is fake. Attached is the actual photo from Cromford Road, London as well as the link on Google maps of the actual site below.

Samsung provided this Google Maps link of the street where this billboard was placed. When I checked, there was a different advertisement in Google Streen view, quite naturally, as its not live.

What you think of it?? Is it deliberate or a typo??

Best Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deal for Bloggers In 2013

Black Friday Cyber Monday deals for Bloggers

This is the best time of the years for netizens. Black Friday and Cyber Monday brings so many outrageously money saving deals that one cannot just resist. If you are a blogger, trust me, this is the best time to invest some money in super saving deals in hosting, themes, plugins. If you keep on looking for discount coupons through out the year, look no more. You would rarely get better discount than Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupons.

If you are tired of looking at places searching for Black Friday discount coupons for WordPress themes and plugins, I have collected some of the best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for Bloggers.

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal for Bloggers

I have categorized the super saving Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 3 categories: Hosting, WordPress themes and WordPress premium plugins. Check them out and by your favourites with heavy discount:

Discount coupons and deals for hosting services:

Wordpress hosting black friday deals

4 months free with WP Engine:

WP Engine, the best and fastest manged hosting for WordPress, is offering 4 months of free hosting on their yearly pre-paid plan. Which means you are basically getting 33% off on the usual price. All you have to is to use cyberhostingspecial13 coupon while checking out.

Get 33% off on WP Engine.

Up to 75% off on Hostgator:

Hostgator has several deals starting from Black Friday 29th Nov to Cyber Monday 2 Dec. The whole Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend will be 60% OFF Hosting (Starting at $1.98/month) and $4.50 domains. Apart from that limited time flash sales will be running each day for 75% OFF the hosting and domain. All you have to do is to go to Hostgator website on this weekend. No discount coupon needed.

Discount coupons and deals for WordPress themes:

Premium WordPress themes in Black Friday deals

40% off on Magazine3 premium themes:

40% off on all the Magazine3 premium WordPress themes. Magazine3 has several premium WordPress themes for all sort of bloggers be it technology blog, news website, food blog or parent blog. Matt Kaludi of Magazine3 has announced 40% off on all the themes from 29th November till the Cyber Monday i.e. 2 December. All you have to do is to use DISCOUNTMADNESS2013 coupon while checking out.

$240 worth of 4 e-Commerce theme in $20 at Envato

Envato, the parent organization of projects like Theme Forest and Code Canyon is giving 4 of the best e-Commerce theme in $20. Just visit this link to get the amazing offer. And this is not it, there are several other offers as well. No need of a discount coupon, just visit Theme Forest.

50% off on ThemeFurnace premium themes

Several beautiful WordPress themes at ThemeFurnace are available at 50% flat discount. Just use Happy13 coupon code while buying the themes.

91% off on MyThemeShop memebership

MyThemeShop is offering a whooping 91% off on over 60+ premium WordPress themes. The offer is valid only till Black Friday i.e. 29 Nov. You’ll get over 60+ themes when you signup for the memebrship of the theme club. The usual price is $99 but you will have to pay just $8.95. There is a monthly fee of $9, but if you cancel it, you will still own all the themes (without updates).

Discount coupons and deals for premium WordPress plugins:

wordpress plugins in black Friday deals

Get 35% off on OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a premium WordPress plugin for lead generation. At present, this is highly praised email subscriber pop up plugin. You can get 35% off all the plans using BF2013 coupon code.

List is not over just yet. There are many more Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount deals for bloggers. I’ll keep the post updated with new discount offers. If you know some nice Black Friday deals for bloggers, do share it with us. Save money. Enjoy :)