Stellar OLM to PST Converter Review

When it is all about storing contacts, e-mails and calendar entries, there rises a problem when it comes to their migration. Converting the backup files of one format to another is always an issue which is what we are going to focus in this review.

As we know, the backup files of Outlook for Mac (OLM) are saved with .OLM extension which cannot be opened in the Microsoft Outlook program. To serve this purpose, Stellar Data Recovery introduces a tool that takes care of migrating OLM backup files into PST files.

What’s the need of conversion?

OLM to PSt converter

Necessity 1:

Outlook for Mac may be a remarkable tool but not that efficient that of Windows’s. It won’t support ActiveX controls, ODF files and Arabic family language styles (right-to-left). It also cannot handle the RTF file attachments which are sent by other mail clients.

For example, if Windows mail client sends a ‘winmail.dat’ attachment, Mac’s outlook cannot handle or recognize it.

Necessity 2:

When you are migrating to a new environment or wanted to, migrating the OLM backups is a big task as all the contacts and schedules are in a total different format. Sitting down in front of two computers with different environments (Mac & Windows) and copy-typing every contact is not a wise decision even.

In such situations, Stellar OLM to PST converter will come to your rescue and saves your day.

Key features of Stellar OLM to PST converter (Pros)

Migrates as it is

Stellar OLM to PST converter converts the Mac’s outlook backup files to Microsoft outlook files without disturbing the structure of the organized data and by not affecting the settings, configurations and the content.

Convert OLM files into Office 365 format

This tool allows you to convert the OLM files in to PST files which can be given as an input for the Office 365 to use.

Finds the OLM files automatically

Stellar OLM to PST converter tool not only allows you to just convert but also cares for the user sophistication by helping him find the OLM files on a particular volume or from a particular mailbox.

Once it lists out all the OLM backup files on your computer, one can easily convert the selected ones.

OLM to PSt converter_1

Previews converted emails

The preview feature is a frustration killer. You might not have to worry if it is the right file or not. Once the conversion is done, you can navigate through the hierarchal structure of the organized files and click on them to see preview in the side by pane. As said before, it helps you to preview the converted files before they are saved actually.

Generates log reports

Log files are a great source to know the activity flow of the job-done process for any software. This tool also generates a log file with all the activity information that would help you know if anything goes terribly wrong due to the computer or software wreckage.

Live updates as well

To keep the software bug free and make it easier to use, Stellar will be releasing patches in the form of updates to the software which can be set to update automatically.


Stellar OLM to PST file converter is compatible with the most loved versions of windows, Windows XP, 7 and 8. It can recognize and convert the OLM files of ‘Outlook for Mac Data file 2011’ in to the MS Office versions of 2007, 2010 and 2013. The compatibility might be extended along the future versions of this tool.

That’s about Stellar OLM to PST file converter. I am sure you will find it as useful as I did. Till next time!