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Nokia Lumia 2520: Nokia’s First Tablet Featuring Windows 8.1

Nokia is all set to enter into the tablet market with their first tablet, Lumia 2520. It’s also the first tablet featuring Windows 8.1 so it will be very interesting to see how Nokia managed to present the new operating system in its own tablet right after the release of Microsoft’s own Surface 2. The […]

New iPad Mini with Retina Display

What to Expect in the New iPad Mini

Before the first iPad mini was launched, rumors about Apple’s decision to create a product that was only slightly differentiated from the already mainstream iPad was questioned, even mocked by some reviewers. Was there really a need for a product between an iPhone and an iPad? An intermediate step between the two products was exactly […]

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Website Creation With Content Management Systems

With passing time, many new technologies have been created that have made the lives of people much simpler. For many businesses, internet has a major role to play so such businesses have to be visible online. One of the most popular technologies in the world of internet is the CMS techonology. Creation and maintaining a […]

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[How to] Download your tweets archive from Twitter

Twitter is one of the most famous and used social networking site. It has over 230 million active users as reported for this quarter. It stands just after Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Even in our last report regarding LinkedIn we told you that LinkedIn recently over took Twitter and managed to get third place. […]

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How to prevent Google Plus users to mail you?

If you happen to follow tech world then you might know that Google has recently created a new feature which allows you to send emails to the persons in circles of your Google Plus account. Initially you will be only seeing his/her Google Plus name in mail recipients place but once a single conversation takes […]