Finding The Right Team For Your Tech Startup

In the first few years of building your tech startup, you’ll want to be sure to hire the best team members who will help you build your brand into a solid success. When selecting your team members, remember that they of course need to have the technical background and skill set required for the position, […]

5 Sexiest Female Hackers

We keep on hearing about hacking on internet after every few days. We saw some of the biggest companies getting hacked by unknown hackers. When we think of hackers, we imagine bunch of geeky, nerd boys wearing thick glasses working in a dimly lit basement. But if you think hackers are just nerd boys, you […]

How To Make Sure Your iPad Stays New Longer!

Though the ipad continues to be one of the top selling tablets in the industry, the device remains fragile. The cost of fixing a broken ipad can be almost as expensive to repair; as it is to purchase a new one. Luckily, there are steps that you can take to prevent major damage from occurring. […]

Making Smartphones Work for Business: 10 Tips to Improve Productivity

Smartphones have become a standard device in the corporate world in recent years and keep workforces connected at all times. Outside of the corporate realm, smartphones are still the top choice as Mashable reports that 45 percent of adults are equipped with these capable devices. The mobile technology is still relatively new to users so […]

Top Five Tech Toys For Kids This Chritmas

Christmas season has arrived and with the rushing excitement of rejoicing and festivity and besides many anticipations, the most awaited are the toys for young girls and boys. The tech toys are bursting with so much thrill and delight among kids. Christmas is the time for the families in which they have a bright chance […]

Using Google to Research Used Trailers Online

Are you looking for a good, used heavy-duty or livestock trailer? Finding these items can be a problem, but using search engines such as Google can help you if you know the right search terms to use and what to look for in trailer ads. Useful Search Tips Using Google can be very effective, but […]

How Businesses Are Embracing The Cloud In 2012

Big businesses are looking to cloud computing as a solution for backing up sensitive and private information. Also, many business owners have turned to online backup services to help them to recover from a variety of disasters. Larger businesses depend heavily on their IT systems and cannot afford to have them inaccessible. Besides, with more […]

Cutting Edge IT Solutions

Identifying and implementing new cutting edge IT solutions is a double-edged sword for IT decision makers whose companies are trying hard to excel. If they take a chance on a new technology that ends up failing, they could be held responsible for any or all of the problems it caused. On the other hand, if […]

Understanding Cisco Computer-Based Certification Exam Formats

After diligent study in your specific certification courses and effective practice with tutorials, such as those from Testslive, you will be ready to sit for your certification exam to put the finishing touches on your accomplishment. Before taking the exam, however, you should be aware of the types of questions that will be asked. Cisco […]

Easy Ways To Go Greener With Technology

Going “green” should be the goal of every one living here on planet Earth. Our everyday travels, communication and lifestyle can always be adjusted to keep the environment in mind. Sometimes just approaching the subject from a “green” viewpoint makes the task at hand not only easier but more worthwhile. You can make your life […]