Safe Business Practices: Smart and Affordable Ways to Test Your Network Security

Security threats occur often. Major breaches gain press, alerting and worrying owners of small to midsize business outfits. Some owners are not tech savvy, hosting no tech teams in-house; to such owners, the digital space affords better resources and communications with clients and employees. However, the ongoing security protection and nightmare of immediate threats creates […]

What to Expect in the New iPad Mini

Before the first iPad mini was launched, rumors about Apple’s decision to create a product that was only slightly differentiated from the already mainstream iPad was questioned, even mocked by some reviewers. Was there really a need for a product between an iPhone and an iPad? An intermediate step between the two products was exactly […]

E-Commerce Shipping Solution: What Should I Charge Customers?

  For every business that relies on shipping services, there’s a budget-friendly strategy to optimize how those services affect profits. While low-cost shipping options provide a direct reduction in business expenses, offering consumer incentives, such as free shipping and expedited shipping, can increase sales volume, improving a business’s bottom line. The right strategy for one […]

Why Aren’t More Patients Using Mobile Health Apps?

According to a recent study from Manhattan Research, 95 million U.S. adults use mobile phones to acquire health information or to use health care tools. This number has jumped 27 percent in the last year. Based on these numbers, it’s easy to assume mobile technology has become an essential health care tool. Research from the […]

Finding The Right Team For Your Tech Startup

In the first few years of building your tech startup, you’ll want to be sure to hire the best team members who will help you build your brand into a solid success. When selecting your team members, remember that they of course need to have the technical background and skill set required for the position, […]

Storing Your Gadgets Properly

Your electronic gadgets need proper care if you want to take advantage of their full potential. They deserve proper maintenance when in use and require proper storage when they are not in use. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how to properly store their unused gadgets. This can lead to reduced quality, reduced efficacy, and […]

Connecting Better with Your Customers Online

Social media outlets have completely revolutionized the way businesses connect with their customers. The Internet provides businesses with a larger market and a multitude of ways to keep in touch with customers. Companies can finally focus on showing their customers what their business is about and form relationships with those customers. If you would like […]

Preparing for a Career in IT

IT professionals rely on ever-changing skill sets that enable them to do their jobs in a manner that mirror industry trends. There are, without a doubt, a great many things an IT professional could in theory be responsible for at their respective companies. The core tenet of IT work always remains the same, however. An […]

How The iPad Changed The Tech Industry

The iPad started off as a joke and an unlikely candidate in the cut-throat world of consumer electronics. It has since grown into a phenomenon that attracts buyers and users from around the world at an astonishing rate. The iPad is the IT-gadget of the decade, and it’s only growing in popularity. The iPad changed […]

Why Laptops Are Still a Useful Tool in 2013

Despite still competition from tablets such as the iPad, there is no doubt that laptop computers are still as popular as ever in today’s market. But just how useful are laptops in amongst the newly developed smartphones and tablet computers? Personally, I couldn’t live without my laptop. Although I can surf the Internet and access […]

Shortlisted : 3 Android Budget Phones For Students In India

Better improvements are being made to each of the smartphones upon its release. Since, most of the smartphone users in India are students; we tend to forget writing about the things which suit them the best. Well, students have many concerns like studying, knowing different things, browsing the web, chatting, watching movies, playing games etc. […]

NOOK HD+ Review – Light in Weight and Low in Price

Four names in the list of e-readers – Apple, Amazon, Google and NOOK have been ruling the market for quite long. Some time or the other customers really get lucky to grab the spectacular offers by the manufacturers. For example, Nook UK introduced heavy discounts on the auspicious occasion of Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day […]