G Cloud Starts Referral Scheme: Get Up To 8 GB Free Cloud Storage

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G Cloud, an awesome cloud based backup app for Android, has updated its app. G Cloud is one of the most painless way to back up your contacts, documents, messages and your photos etc. The backup runs automatically and requires no effort from you. Just configure it once and you can forget about it. Read full review of G Cloud backup.

By default G Cloud comes up with 1 GB of free cloud storage space. With the new updates, users now has chance to get 7 GB extra cloud storage for free. You have to put some effort to this extra cloud storage. When you log in to G Cloud on your Android phone after the latest update, you can see the option of Earn 8 GB Free on the bottom of the home screen.


How to get 8 GB of free cloud storage:

When you click on the “Earn 8 GB Free”, you will be taken to a new screen where you will see options for earning more cloud storage:


You can get the extra space by doing the following:

  • Just by clicking on a link in the app: 100 MB
  • Write a review of the app: 300 MB
  • Like the G Cloud Facebook page: 200 MB
  • Share about G Cloud on Facebook: 200 MB
  • Tweet about G Cloud: 200 MB
  • Invite your friends: 200 MB for each up to 6 GB

What else is in the update:

– The ability to earn up to 8 GB Free
– The ability to only backup camera photos and videos
– Enhanced scheduling
– New Battery saving mode
– Added more files extension support
– New interface

Enjoy more cloud storage.

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