What is Computer And You?

At Computer And You, we aim to Make Your Computer Experience Better.

It started as my “technical diary” which contained my experience in daily computer life. It was a collection of solutions to simple as well as complex problems in day-to-day computer life. I also shared some new, interesting tech-product or news that I came by. With time the blog struck a chord with the users from across the globe as I was not the only facing those sort of problems. My experiences turned into knowledge and that shared knowledge helped a lot of other people.

As the blog started to grow on WordPress.com, I decided to turn it into a complete website that could work as a Tech Magazine. It continues to evolve itself with time. Several authors joined Computer And You since then to cover more topics related to gadgets, social media news and start-ups. But at the core, it does what it aimed to do: Make Your Computer Experience Better.

Abhishek Prakash
Founder: Computer And You

How to benefit from Computer And You as a Reader?

If you want to be the “smart one” in your group of friends and colleagues you are at the right place.. Be a Pro with updated news, tips and tutorials to make your computer experience better. Stop asking for help each time you have troubles with anything related to computer. Put up a brave face and do it your self. To stay in touch, like our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter or circle me on Google Plus. Moreover you can subscribe to our feed or free weekly newsletter.

How to benefit from Computer And You as a Publisher?

Computer And You also provides

  • technical reviews of new tech-products on demand. Fee free to request one for your new product.
  • review/PR of new Start-Ups
  • sponsored technical writing for other websites
  • promotional posts about tech products
  • If you want your product to be known by a strong tech-frenzi community please contact: [email protected]

Who is who at Computer And You?

Abhishek Prakash:

 is the founder of Computer And You and open source blog It’s Foss. He works a Software Engineer and has a double degree in Electronics And Communication Engineering from Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and INP Grenoble (France). He also worked with IBM in India. He takes a keen interest in day-to-day computer life and wishes to share his experience with others to make their computer experience better and easier. He also takes interest in Social Media activities and Start-Ups.

Medha BN:

Medha+, Queen of the QueensQuill and a freelance writer, writes for supporting her love for words from her home office in Bangalore. She formerly worked as a lecturer with a master’s degree in computer science and now caters the needs of her son while blogging for life. Catch her 140 characters on Twitter. Apart from Computer And You, she also contributes to LifeHack and Parentous. Medha focuses on Social Media and Start Up news.

Ishayat Ahmed:

Ishayat is a tech blogger at Computer And You. Before that he wrote for popular sites like iLoveFreeSoftware, PCTips3000 and Mobile & Apps. He focuses on electronic gadgets especially Apple products.

Kiran Yasmeen:

Kiran is tech journalist and keeps an eye on anything new in the tech world. She is MSc in Zoology and has over three years experience of contents, articles and blog writings. Her expertise lies in technical, reviews as well as assignments writing.