17 Million Gadgets in Landfill

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According to recent research studies by CompareMyMobile.com, thirty-three percent of adult individuals in the UK choose to throw away their electronic items such as satellite navigation systems, iPhones, iPods and even games consoles without researching secondary sales channels instead of disposing of them in a secure and environment-friendly manner. This method of disposal is not responsible because these devices end up filling landfills with dangerous or toxic ingredients such as Cadmium and Lead that are used for the manufacture of batteries and visual displays but unfortunately, these adults choose to use it anyway.

The recycling industry is thriving owing to the popularity increase of technology products being used by the public that enables users to receive an average of 115 pounds for recycling gadgets that they no longer need with companies such as Mazuma, Envirofone, also Gadget Panda and Fonebank. For this reason, adults who choose to trash their devices can only be pardoned if other alternatives are not available.

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Get the most for your gadget

High street companies such those technology giants like Apple or that of Carphone Warehouse. Also, they offer their own “Recycle and Reuse” programs that pay premium prices and for this reason, CompareMyMobile.com advises people to carry out extensive research on the available options before choosing a recycling offer that suits their needs. Although the independent report by CompareMyMobile.com suggests that consumers can get up to 42% more when they use sites in comparing item just to find the best deals, it is advises them to carry out research in order to avoid falling into traps of parting with their old devices in exchange for interest from one of the aforementioned high street chains. It is advisable for them to follow a few simple steps in order to ensure that they get the highest return if they decide to recycle their old gadgets.

Devices like personal music players, gaming consoles, satellite navigation systems and even smartphones are ideal for recycling and hence it is advisable for their users to collect all of them before finding an online site comparing different gadgets like that of CompareMyMobile.com that provides reselling prices.

Although some companies offer special discount coupons for stores such as Argos and Amazon instead of providing cash, it is advisable for the users of the aforementioned gadgets to use comparison sites because they generate lists of companies that offer cash values for their gadgets. In effect, they enable them to find the most reputable companies that give them peace of mind by comparing prices, ratings, and user reviews.

Selected companies usually include information that relates to whatever they include in their packages. Hence, consumers that choose them should receive their parcel bags, package all items securely, and safely before posting them back to the originating companies by using recorded or special delivery since this ensures that they are insured.

Author Bio: Coel Drysdale worked for many years in the phone industry and manages a leading gadget waste recycling business based in the UK, for more information visit the website or contact him – coel (at) comparemymobile (dot) com