Security Certifications: Why Google’s Is So Important

Security is a major concern on the internet, especially for businesses. If a business is going to operate in the cloud, in needs to know that its valuable information will not be vulnerable to any threats. As a result, it’s essential for cloud computing companies to have security certifications in order to assure users that their information will be protected. While Google has always offered customers high levels of security since it first entered the cloud in 2006, it recently made news after earning a new, higher-level security certification for its Google Apps for Business platform. As of May 28, Google Apps for Business was verified in ISO 27001 certification, which is part of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

So why is Google’s new security certification so important? To start, ISO 27001 certification is among the most internationally accepted independent security standards. Additionally, Google had to go through an arduous process in order to earn this certification.

Ernst & Young CertifyPoint conducted an audit of Google Apps for Business’ information security controls and risk in order to certify the cloud platform. The process included an informal audit, a full scope, in-depth review, and many follow-up audits to check that Google’s security practices and commitments were continued. During this three-part audit, Ernst & Young CertifyPoint looked to see if Google met key requirements associated with the ISO 27001 security standard. The body specifically examined Google’s information security risks, searching for any threats, vulnerabilities, or impacts. It also checked that Google had functioning risk treatment methods and information security controls in place. Finally, the body looked for a management system that was designed for future security needs.

This hard-to-earn certification is extremely important to both Google and businesses. Although concerns about the security of data in the cloud have dissipated in recent years, many big businesses still had their doubts. But this new certification should help erase these remaining concerns and give large corporations the peace of mind they need to undergo a Google Apps migration. It takes a major investment to earn ISO 27001 certification, and Google’s willingness will likely prove to individual businesses that Google is in a position to make much larger security investments than their companies can make.

No matter what a business does or how large or small it may be, the safety of its information is essential. Data is the lifeblood of any business, and no one would want to put their information out in the open for others to violate. Thus, Google’s new information security certification is an important reassurance that the Google cloud network is a safe place for information. Not only is this level of trust important to businesses, but it is also a big deal for Google to be able to offer such a high level of security to its users.

For many large businesses, information security was the only concern holding them back from the cloud, and with its new ISO 27001 certification, Google made it to the final frontier. This high security certification is so important because it both improves Google’s service to customers and puts users at ease that their valuable data is safe in the Google cloud.

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