Ten Uncommon Social Networks You Should Know About

Beyond all the regular faces on the social networking scene that we’ve all grown far too familiar with, there is a whole of slew of entrepreneurial and uncommon social networks that are worth mentioning. Each of these has something new, different, and valuable to offer the world of social networking. Here are ten uncommon social networks sites other than Facebook and Twitter you should know something about.

43 Things:

43 Things is a social networking site that focuses on connecting people with similar hopes, dreams, and goals. Users must list their top life’s goals or hopes, and they are then connected to other users with similar hopes and goals in order to find plenty of common ground.


Academia.edu is a social networking site directed at researchers and academics who wish to collaborate with other professionals in their fields of expertise. A massive amount of academic fields are represented, and Academia.edu is known to users as the Facebook for geniuses.


Audimated is a social networking site for lovers of music. Both musicians themselves and their fans are welcomed with open arms into Audimated, which sees itself as a platform of promotion for independent artists. The rights to all creative content made public via Audimated are kept by the artists themselves.


Buzznet is a gossipy, trendy social networking and celebrity news site. Combining social networking with paparazzi feeds and a wealth of celebrity information, Buzznet unites fans from all corners of the globe. There are special corners for music aficionados, fashion addicts, and pop culture junkies.



Geni is a networking site that focuses on creating genealogies and family trees. If you’re interested in your family’s roots and where you came from, Geni can help you sort out your past. Its plan is to eventually create a family tree that represents the entire population of the world.


Mouthshut Official LogoMouthShut is a site that combines social networking elements with consumer review services. Users can join MouthShut either to simply be influenced by other movers and shakers or to become a reviewer themselves and influence others.


MyYearbook is a simple social networking site that incorporates Flash-based games, instant messaging, media sharing, virtual currency, and a real time information feed to bring users together. With integration with Facebook, this social network is a must for college goers and Gen-Y.


Raptr is a social networking site for gamers. Featuring instant messaging, user-created game reviews, game/achievements tracking, game statistics signatures, and a gaming accomplishments feed, Raptr is known by its users for being on the cutting-edge of the gaming industry. Users describe it as a place where bragging rights are established and where gaming giants rise and fall.


SocialVibe is one of the Internet’s largest marketing-focused social networks. Although it began as a place where users could collaborate with advertisers to raise funds for charities, it soon grew into a massive arena where advertisers could connect with consumers on a personal level in ways that both the consumers and the advertisers were most comfortable with.


Zooppa is a social networking and crowd-sourcing site that brings together creative talent from all around the world. Ads or creative productions are solicited by companies and then compiled and submitted for review by users. Cash prizes along with plenty of recognition are given to the best entries. Advertising formats include radio, video, and print as well as concepts and banners.

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