Forecast: Technology trends to watch for in 2013

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Computer FutureThe biggest tech trends that were in news in 2012 were mostly concentrated in cloud computing technologies, mobile technologies (of which tablets popped like mushrooms in every other company!), social technologies, including many other small and big technologies. But, the year 2013 might bring in a bright year to many more technologies apart from the ones that had a great year in 2012.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has come up with the five greatest trends to watch for in 2013 and their list has,

  1. The future of 3D printing
  2. Next-generation TVs and displays
  3. The evolution of the audio market
  4. The mobile revolution in Africa, and
  5. Technology in education

Well, the list of trending technologies for the year 2013 given by CEA looks quite promising. Technology like 3d printing has evolved at a great pace with its mark in every other innovation by assisting in designing the products be it jewellery or mobile devices or even cars for that matter. Rather than creating physical models, virtual models created on computers offer great flexibility.

The quality of TV display has a great market indeed. People are getting tech savvy and are willing to replace older televisions with feature rich television.  LED’s, LCD’s and OLED TV’s are all running in the completion trying to improve and meet the quality demands.

The wireless headphones and the premium headphones that promise to deliver studio sound quality are only providing the basis for the CEA’s predictions. Adding to their analysis is the huge craze of people who are looking for professional sound quality in home audio systems.

As against the common beliefs about the gain in technological market in the continent of Africa, CEA predicts the rise of mobile revolution in the region. The trend has already been set in the continent as banking, business, and social networking have made good internet access in 2012 through mobile phones.

Since the inception of computer classes in schools years ago, the education system has seen several changes in the way pupils are being educated. The smart education system has replaced black boards and the new age tablets have started replacing books!

What I see is CEA’s predictions of trends to watch in 2013 coming true!

Apart from CEA, many giants in the field of technology and news have come up with their own list of trending technologies. According to a source on Forbes, the five trends include:

  1. Internet of things (IoT) which they believe to make a great hit in 2013.
  2. The trend of Big Data is the second one on the list where they are talking about the visualization and analysis on data that can help businesses.
  3. The cloud technology is here to stay in 2013 after leaving its prints in 2012.
  4. The issue of internet censorship and the enforcement of laws on the usage of internet is said to continue.
  5. The use and development in the field of multicore computing made the list too.

According to marketwatch, even the Verizon has identified hybrid clouds as one of the technologies that will continue to grow in 2013. Verizon is also talking about the mobile market and the security in IT sector as one of their identifications.

In various other sources the most talked about technologies that are predicted as trending in 2013 are social technologies, cloud computing, big data, technology in education and mobile technology. Though there is no much discussion on upcoming technologies in 2013, people are mostly involved in talking about the continuing trend which has already been set in 2012.

Which technologies do you think are going to stay in 2013? Do you believe if there is any chance of invention of yet another newer technology in 2013?