Android Miracle: A Smartphone That Runs A Satellite

Android community has recently surprised everyone with the news of their connection with one of NASA’s recent projects, where ‘Nexus One’ Smartphone built by HTC, running on Google’s Android OS is used for low cost satellite manufacturing. The ‘PhoneSat’ project is primarily aimed at evolving the satellite architecture focusing more into NASA’s capability to develop low-cost, easy, and quickly built satellite technology.

smartphone in space

Well, hard to believe whether a modern day Smartphone can offer such capabilities required for satellite systems; however, Android apps development has made it possible. So, here are the features of your regular Smartphones that has made this project possible;

  • Unbelievably Fast Processors
  • Operating Systems that can do versatile jobs
  • Cameras with ultra high resolution
  • GPS Receivers
  • Multiple Miniature Sensors
  • Radios

Today’s Smartphones have capabilities beyond our expectations. At consumer level, we only use or are aware of very few of them; however, the capabilities can do miracle for technocrats, such as NASA has experimented with. Giving this interesting rocket science a pause, let us see what these Android phones can do more for general consumers.

High Capacity Processor:

Most of the out of the box phones running on Android platform come with powerful processors. This gives the phone the capacity of a computer. These phones are capable of doing almost everything that a computer can do. Robust hardware integration is key to the myriad popularity of these devices.

Dedicated Memory for Seamless Operation:

Due to dedicated in-built memory, Android phones posses super fastness. This is why you download and install so much of apps and are still able to work and play in a multi tasking environment. Minimum 1 or 2 GB RAM is common for today’s Android Smartphones.

An All-in-One Communicator:

Text messaging and Emailing have been talk of the past. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gtalk, and any other communication platform; Android makes it possible on your Smartphones.

GPS Navigation:

Android phones offer excellent GPS navigation capabilities to guide you on the route of your journey. Finding a landmark, any building or street, and direction to your destination was never so easy and accurate.

Cross Device Compatibility:

Android is a universal mobile device operating system. This OS is compatible with Smartphones, tablets or palmtops, desktops, and even high end cameras, Smart TVs, wrist watches, headphones, VoIP Phones etc. The cross-device compatibility nature of Android has turned it into the widely accepted mobile OS.

After the introduction of Android, the world of communication and mobile technology has undergone a sea-change. Android is the choicest OS for almost all major and emerging mobile device manufacturers. With the experimentation of its capability beyond the use of general communication technology by NASA, Android now opens up new vistas for innovators and product manufacturers. This is particularly encouraging news for consumers; as they will be offered more and more new and useful features with their Android mobile device.

Within very small time of its launch, Google’s Android has become the platform for all innovative products and hardware. With quick, robust, and regular updates, Android will keep its miracle on and on in the coming times.

Recap: Things You Should Know From Google I/O 2013

 So yesterday was Day One of Google I/O 2013 and most of you might have watched the entire keynote or even attended it. It was held at Moscone Centre in San Francisco. Android reached 900 million activations in 2013 which was 400 million in 2012.  Google Play Store hits 48 billion app installs also revenue generated for developers is increasing at an incredible rate.

images (3)

There are many other big announcements let’s check them in detail:

New APIs:

This time Google announced three new API’s these tools help developers to make great applications and even existing ones better. Basically API helps to determine location of the operator of device in various ways whether by using GPS, network or Wi-Fi so to make this even better they added new APIs named as: Fuse Location Provider, Geofencing and Activity Recognition feature. Fuse Location Provider helps to acquire location more swiftly and uses 1% less battery per hour. Second one is GeoFencing it allows developers define a virtual fencing around a particular area and find location of user easily. Third one is Activity Recognition Feature it helps to track physical activities, it senses whether one is walking, cycling, driving and will do it without even using GPS which saves a lot of battery juice.


New Android Studio for developers:

This year’s I/O is largely focused for developers taking this into care Google launched new Android Studio, an integrated development environment based on IntelliJ platform. It has great interface in which a developer can see how his/her application will look like after development and on even different screen sizes. Android comes with live code updates and even font changer tool too. 

images (5)

Google Play Games Service:

We all heard lot of rumors about Google releasing Play Games which is no more a rumor but it is officially live. This Game service is available on cross platform too means you can enjoy gaming with your friends those are on iOS and web. This service offers cloud save feature means syncing game saves, statistics, leader boards, achievements, matchmaking and even multiplayer across various devices. Multiplayer feature is managed by Google Plus means other person should have a G Plus profile.

images (7)

Google Play Music All Access:

Basically Google Play Music All Access means ”radio without Rules”  and it focuses on music discovery when user clicks on single track Google will recommend playlist and radio station based on your selection. This service is currently available in US but will soon come to UK and more. This service comes at price though i.e. $9.99/ month but if users in the States signup by the end of June they will receive for $7.99 only.

images (8)

Stock Samsung Galaxy S4 is real:

Google launched Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android providing all updates thus giving it a Nexus like feel plus Google will sell the 16GB version of the device in Play Store which comes 4G LTE, unlocked bootloader and will be available for $649 from June 26th in US only.


Google Plus New Layout:

Google Plus got a major overhaul new layout, new design, auto Hash tags, auto- awesome photos, new stream and new hangouts. It’s been two years that Google launched Google Plus since then it didn’t get any major update. Google Plus now has support for three columns with lot animations. This layout fits itself according to the size of display and chooses the best viewing mode. Hangouts got a separate application available on iOS, Android and Web from now only. One can see when new member joins and even see when one is typing and this hangout now saves history. Hangout now replaces you GTalk on your device.


This is not the end of the story:

There are many more things and new services which are launched at this Keynote and yet more to come in coming days. Some of the other new updates are: one tap Checkout Button means if you want to buy something in store then you need to simply tap the purchase button your payment and address will be automatically added from wallet information. Google Play for Education here applications will be made for students, teachers and related to education. Google Now got new cards and reminders some new services are announced which you will get to know when you will use it major added features are knowledge graphs and more. Google Maps will get Zagat Integration this includes 5 star rating for restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and more.

So these were some major announcements at Google I/O yesterday. So did you guys liked it or not do tell in comments below.

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Motorola X Phone visits FCC, Looks Like Early leaks

Here is a quite surprising and head cracker move for all other companies that have been fighting to make their device faster than one another, Motorola’s X Phone model number XT1058 made a visit to the FCC recently as reported by TechCrunch.. Motorola was earlier bought by Google for Billions and since then they have not even released a single device yet.


There are the sketches of the device and they closely resemble the earlier leaked X Phone which was leaked by @EvLeaks earlier this month. Phone is found to be of AT&T carrier and had LTE bands of the carrier.

If we closely look at both the devices in above pictures we will notice similarity in both Motorola Logo one and sketchy one such as position of camera, flash. Even the speaker grill is at same place also the position of Logo of device. Also the placement of headphone jack and even Lock/Unlock button is same.


All we have to do is wait for Google’s annual I/O developer conference which is rumored to show off the refreshed Nexus 7, a new chat system rumored as Babel, new Google Maps, New refreshed Nexus 4 probably 32GB as a new smartphone will probably is not for this year. Android 5.0 notebooks, a Google smartwatch and a Google TV is also expected this year.


Anonymous Now Plans To attack US Banks, Institutions


Hacking group Anonymous has threatened of another hacking attack and this time the target is USA. Anonymous announced OperationUSA (#OpUSA) and targets mainly US banks and institutions. The attack, according to Anonymous, would be a response to social and political injustices. The group said:

“America you have committed multiple war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and recently you have committed war crimes in your own country. …Now it is our time for our Lulz (fun),”

Anonymous rhetorically bragged: “We will now wipe you off the cyber map“. Considering how miserably it failed in wiping off Israel from cyberspace in OpIsrael attack, it seems unlikely that they are capable of “destruction”.

But why take risk? The typical Anonymous attack consists of distributed-denial-of-service attack along with DNS attacks, redirects, database leaks etc.  Possible targets in USA should be working closely with network security teams to thwart the incoming attacks.

Dual SIM Variant of HTC One Launched in China

HTC One is currently the flagship device of the company in 2013 launched back in February. The device is one of the best made in terms of build quality and performance it even gives proper competition to the all time famous Apple iPhone which is known for its supreme build quality and performance.


HTC One is available in some countries while some are still waiting to get the device like India meanwhile HTC launched the Dual SIM variant of the device in China.  The phone also has support for micro SD card slot along with removable back. Phone is available in three variants such as 802w, 802t and 802d. The reason for this Dual SIM variant with exceptional support for micro SD card and removable back is that the country has high demand in this category and HTC surely don’t want to lose this share of market. All other features in the device remain same as in with Global version expect that Chinese version running on TD-SCDMA network.

To remind you guys of the features it runs on Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.7GHz which is also released this year only along with Snapdragon 200,400 and 800. It has Adreno 320GPU for intensive gaming. Phone has 4.7 inches Super LCD3 1080P capacitive display. It comes in 32GB and 64GB variants each with 2GB RAM. Phone has new 4 Ultra Pixel camera and 2.1 Mega Pixel 1080P front facing shooter. It has IR blaster along with all other usual stuff such as Bluetooth, WI-FI, NFC.