Britney Spears geared up to take the top spot on Google Plus

Last week Google CEO Larry Page overtook Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the top followed person on Google Plus. This week saw another change as Pop Star Britney Spears toppled Mark for the second position. It seems like now Britney is heading for the top spot lagging behind Larry by around 40,000 followers. The statistics can be found on

Hello World is No More: RIP Dennis Ritchie

Seems like October 2011 is a sad month for tech world. We have lost 3 visionaries who have changed the world by their innovation. First it was Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc then Robert Galvin, Motorola’s cellphone pioneer and now Dennis Ritchie, author of C programming language and co-author of Unix Operating System has […]

News: Facebook adds link preview in comments

From today onwards, if you post a link in a comment on a post in Facebook, the preview of the link will be visible in the comment. The preview is also available for You Tube videos and Facebook albums. Here, take a look: But, will this link preview make the page bulkier? Or is this […]

Tulalip: Microsoft’s “Secret” Social Networking Project?

Few days back Microsoft “accidently” published a secret project named “Tulalip” which by it’s looks seems to be somekind of social networking site. FYI the word Tulalip is referred to a group of Native American peoples from western Washington state in the United States. Strange enough, Tulalip gives Facebook and Twitter log-in option and the tagline […]