Must Have Firefox Extensions

Must Have Firefox Extension Add OnsIn today’s world of Internet most of us spend most of our time on the WORLD WIDE WEB and to do that each one of us has their own favored browser either Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer (really?). Within these browsers, you can install addon/extension to make your browsing experience better. If you are a Firefox user then here is a list of must have Firefox extensions which you can install to make your browsing experience better:

  1. ABPAdblock Plus: If you are annoyed by too much of ads on the websites or you want to keep yourself away from the malware domain, then this extension can help you. The official description states that:

    Adblock Plus allows you to regain control of the internet and view the web the way you want to. The add-on is supported by over forty filter subscriptions in dozens of languages which automatically configure it for purposes ranging from removing online advertising to blocking all known malware domains.

    You can get it from the official Firefox Addon store. Here is the link to get it:

  2. TranslateWiktionary and Google Translate: When you visit a page which is in a language which you don’t understand or speak, this extension come in pretty handy in those situations. Also it does in-line translation of words and can help you improve you vocabulary. If we go by the official description, this is what it does:

    The extension brings two functionalities to your Firefox browser:
    * in-line translation of words;
    * translation of the whole page.

    Here is the link to get this extension:
    PS: You have to restart Firefox after installing it.

  3. personasPlusPersonas Plus: From time to time I like to change the look n feel of Firefox by utilizing the Personas which are themes for Firefox and are freely available. But to get them, one has to browse through the Firefox Personas website and that’s where this extension comes in. It give you control and easier access to new, popular, and your own favorite Personas.
    Here is the link to get this extension:
    PS: You have to restart Firefox after installing it.
  4. DownloadStatusBarDownload Status bar: This extension lets you avoid the extra window which opens up when you start any download and shows the status of download within the status bar of Firefox. The official description states:

    Despite its compact size, Download Statusbar packs in more useful features than the standard download window. The fully customizable interface auto-hides when not in use, allowing full control without interruption.

    Get this extension from this link:
    PS: You have to restart Firefox after installing it.

  5. FirebugFirebug: Now this one extension is for web application developers, and for people who like to look into what’s happening underneath the nice looking web page. It’s lets you easily access the source code of the web app and edit it and monitor.

    Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

    Download it from here:

I hope one of these extensions makes your browsing experience better. If you have any other extension you like, please do share with us.

Best SSD You Can Buy For The Money In 2012

Still quite heavily priced, SSDs are the future of computer storage, as you may know an SSD or Solid State Drive differs from a traditional hard disk drive in several ways.

A hard disk drive is a very traditional almost manual affair, where a wheel is “written” on by an arm almost like a reverse vinyl player. Imagine those little USB mini pens that you use for digital storage, now imagine them all taped together on a small circuit board, that is an SSD, its essentially digital storage that is written and retrieved much much faster than a traditionally hard drive. They also shouldn’t fail as easily as a traditionally hard drive, it has no moving parts.

Crucial SSD Drive

SSDs like all new technology are still highly sought after and gradually over time the price will drop, however if you are looking for increased performance (you can massively increase the load time of your operating system up by using an SSD) then it may be the solution you are looking for. Your choices on the market are in abundance so we have chosen three different types of SSD for you

Crucial M4 – 128gb (£90) – Winner

Crucial’s award winning drives are lightweight, very fast read and write speeds and runs low power, on an overall score, the Crucial M4 wins our award for top benchmarking and great value for money.

OCZ Agility3 – 60gb (£60)

An overall great SSD in performance and price, the Agility3 is becoming a standard in many of our specs and a great all round addition to storage.

CORSAIR FORCE GT – 128gb (£120)

Incredibly fast quality SSD, a personal favourite of many of our staff, the GT is a superb quality SSD perfect for all round gaming, entertainment and performance.

Right now just to put into comparison with a hard disk drive, as of 2012 you are paying about 5pence per gigabyte, where with a solid state drive you are paying closer roughly to 90pence per gig, these margins will close but it will be another year or so before we see this taking effect.

Overall, SSDs are leading the way in the new age of PC gaming and performance computing, the question is more about WHEN you will switch and not IF, we are convinced that has the average capacity for SSDs increases and the price starts to drop, you will see solid state drives a standard feature in all computers and storage devices such as (TV satellite boxes and computer consoles)

I would love to hear any comments you have on SSDs below!

Author: Chris Turton from gaming PC company Palicomp.

Reasons You Need To Consider Software Escrow

There are certain software and services that your business may be dependent on but do not own, that may help your business function better but may also involve operational risks. Therefore, businesses must consider implementing software escrow agreements in order to protect a business as well as avoid any operational risk.

When you outsource software to be written for your business, you may or may not get a copy of the source code after completion. The source code of open source software projects can be accessed freely; however, the codes of proprietary software or closed source are not publicly accessible and can only be executed. When entering into an agreement with a developer, you may choose to let them retain the source code. However, in case the developer ceases to trade or if a source code simply vanishes, it can pose serious problems for your business.

An escrow is basically a contract between two parties who deposit a valuable possession with a third party. This possession could imply important documents, money or an intellectual property. The third party agents hold these under certain conditions.

When you need software escrow, there could have been several reasons for the need. Three of the most important reasons for needing software escrow are:


A software escrow helps maintain the confidentiality of the source code of the licensor. Being an independent software vendor, the licensor provides the licensee with complete access to the software programme for use in the licensee’s own company. However, a source code is a confidential entity and, hence, is not usually given to any business. The source code and all the documents related to it are unique for every project. A software escrow states the guidelines under which the source code needs to be released or provided to the licensee. The terms and conditions are agreed to by both the parties involved and the software escrow provider keeps the source code information and data. It is the responsibility of the software escrow provider to maintain the confidentiality of the data and to ensure that the specified conditions are followed by the parties. This also helps provide the vendor a sense of security.


The licensee is able to get access to the source code data and other related information under exceptional circumstances that helps alleviate the operational risks involved. Though the licensee may have full access to the programme and its capabilities, it might be required to access the source code in certain circumstances. The software vendor gives consent for access to the source code under circumstances or conditions specified in the agreement. For instance, if the software vendor goes bankrupt, the agreement may allow the software escrow provider to give the source code to the licensee. This feature of a software escrow provides access to the source code in case of inevitable situations and reassures the smooth running of a business.


By entering into an agreement for software escrow, both the licensor and the licensee are rest assured of unbiased services. As the software escrow provider is a third party agent, there is no reason for being partial to either of the parties. There are legal documents prepared by mutual consent that makes all the parties accountable for their responsibilities with regard to the software license. As the confidential data is placed in the trust of the software escrow agency, it can only be accessed through them. A licensee needs to contact the escrow provider to gain access to this data, which can be allowed strictly as per the conditions specified in the agreement.

Software escrow is beneficial for both the independent developer or the vendor who creates the programmes and the company that uses it. While the ownership of the programme remains with the licensor, the licensee can gain access to it under certain conditions. When you need software escrow, an expert provider, that meets the expectations of both the parties, helps to create confidence and trust between all parties.

Author Bio: Nathan Morgan has been an IT professional for 14 years. His work is currently focused on Linux servers. He has encryption experience including the deployment of True Crypt and similar packages, and detailed knowledge of document scanning solutions to transform off-line archives into accessible digital data.

Top 5 Social Media Sites for Your Business

If you own and operate your own business, one of the most important details is to market your company. Doing this on a wide scale basis is essential so that you can ensure that people know about the business and your company can expand to a larger audience. With everything being digital in this day and age, the lifeline of any successful business is to integrate it into social media websites. More than ever, both individuals and businesses are relying on social media to market themselves. As a business owner, it is important to select the right social media websites to reach the right audience for your company and its services and/or products. The following are considered the best social media sites for businesses.


LinkedIn is essentially the Facebook for professionals. Not only is it a must for individuals who are looking for new employment, but it is also excellent for small businesses. You can connect with other businesses in your field or in related fields and advertise the various services or products your company provides to the public. You can find potential clients or customers and engage in chats with other professionals in the same field. You can also find potential new employees who may want to join your staff and can encourage your current employees to create profiles on the site for additional marketing of your business.


Facebook is a big favorite social networking site for many. Not only is it good for individuals to connect with others, it is also ideal for marketing your business as it can reach a huge spectrum of people and other companies. If you get certain Facebook friends to like the page, your business can be promoted even farther as their friends will see it, which can certainly draw interest in your company and its products or services. The more people who give your page a “like”, the more traffic your business page will receive and more people will view your posts. Facebook is so important, as it also gives you the opportunity to post photos, videos and even coupons for your business.


YouTube is essential for any business as it allows you to market the company via video. It gives individuals the chance to see and hear details about the business directly from a live person instead of simply reading it or seeing stationary photos. If someone likes a promotional video for your company, they can even share it on their social media pages, which can draw more traffic to your YouTube page.


Twitter is another great social media site to use to promote your business. While it only allows you to use 140 characters or less per post, you can get your point across and let the public know what new services or products your company offers and inform them of any specials. You can even rely on TwitLonger, which is part of Twitter and allows you to use more than 140 characters.


Pinterest is one of the newest social media sites and is essential for business as it is expanding in popularity on a daily basis. It allows you to connect with others based on specific interests, so if you highlight your company’s services or products, you can attract potential clients or customers who are interested in what your business has to offer.

Author bio: David Larson, with Intelligent Search, is a computer enthusiast. He enjoys reading and writing about technology. He also enjoys hiking and being in the outdoors with his family.

How to Automatically Back Up All Camera Photos

Digital cameras, especially today’s camera phones, are convenient for snapping lots of pics. The only downside to using digital cameras is that it’s all too easy to let those photos pile up inside your phone without ever seeing the light of day. When that phone eventually goes missing, you can say goodbye to all those memorable moments.

Finally, there is a way to automatically back up all camera photos. You don’t even need cords or access to your computer to back up your camera photos online and on your computer. There are two mobile storage apps available now that provide instant, automatic backups every time you snap a picture.

1. Dropbox Mobile

The Dropbox mobile app can use your phone’s WiFi or data plan to store all camera shots online. No cords, no lost photos. The cool thing about this solution is that Dropbox gives all new users 2 GB of free storage space for as long as they want it. You can sign up for an account at Dropbox today and never have to pay a thing unless you choose to upgrade.

Best of all, Dropbox is currently giving away extra free space to people that try the mobile phone app for uploading photos. The first photo that you upload with the automatic upload feature will get you an extra 500 MB of storage space. Upload more photos after that and you can get up to 3 GB of extra space.

NoteDropbox also has a new feature that works with regular digital cameras. If you have the latest version of the Dropbox desktop app, you can set it up to automatically back up photos from your digital camera. All you have to do is plug your camera into your computer and Dropbox will automatically retrieve all photos and store them in your sync folder for online and offline storage.

Here’s how you can get started:

1. Get a free Dropbox account

Visit and sign up for a free account. You will not be asked to supply your payment information.

2. Download the Dropbox mobile app

Dropbox has mobile apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Visit your phone’s app store and search for “Dropbox.” The official download will be the first result and it is free to install. Click the download/install button and follow the instructions on the screen to get Dropbox on your mobile device.

3. Turn on the “Camera Upload” feature

Run the Dropbox app on your phone and sign in to your existing account.

Press the menu button and then choose “settings.” In the settings area, there is an option to turn on the Camera Upload feature. When you click that button, you will be taken to a secondary options menu in which you can turn on automatic camera uploads.

4. Take pictures

Every picture that you take will now be automatically uploaded to your personal Dropbox account. If you have the Dropbox software installed on your desktop, those photos will also be transferred to your local Dropbox folder.

2. SugarSync Mobile

SugarSync also has a mobile app that can be used for automatic camera backups. This mobile app is even more impressive than the Dropbox app thanks to its long list of features and supported devices. Just like the Dropbox mobile app, SugarSync will automatically back up all photos and store them online. From there, those photos will also be synced to your home computer.

SugarSync has a free account that you can use to try both the desktop and mobile versions. New users get 5 GB of storage space and no payment information is necessary.

Here’s how you can get started with SugarSync:

1. Get a free SugarSync account

Visit and click on the big “download now” button. After the download is complete, run the installation program and follow the instruction on the screen to get started with your free account. You can also sign up for a paid account if you wish.

2. Download SugarSync onto your mobile device

Android and iPhone users can visit their app stores and search for “SugarSync” to get the appropriate app. Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian users can visit the SugarSync website to download the apps manually.

3. Turn on automatic camera uploads

Now that you have the app installed, run it and press the menu button, then click on “actions.” Go to “settings” then “AutoSync Photos” then choose the “On” option. Every photo you take from now on will be automatically uploaded to your SugarSync account.

Author Bio: Sara Richardson is a tech blogger and contributes to a variety of tech related websites. She is currently working with a file storage site that provides storage reviews, news and tips.