How To Remove Picasa Photos From Gallery In Android

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Remove Picasa Web Album from Android gallery

I guess I am not the only one irritated with unnecessary syncing of Picasa web albums in Android Gallery. Heck! there were so many of unnecessary photos in my Samsung Galaxy S2 gallery. To get rid of the Picasa photos from the gallery, I un-synched Picasa from the settings but guess what, I could still see the Picasa web albums in the gallery. If you have come looking for how to delete Picasa album from Android, you are at the right place.

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to remove Picasa photos from Android gallery.

Remove Picasa photos from Gallery in Android:

Removing Picasa web albums from the display in gallery is really easy. All you have to do is to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Remove Picasa from the synchronization

First most thing is to remove Picasa from the synchronization. Go to Settings and then scroll down to Accounts section. Select the Google account you use for synchronization. Click on it and there, clear the option of Sync Picasa Web Albums.

Remove Picasa Photos from Android

Step 2: Refresh gallery

Even when you have un-syched the Picasa web albums, you’ll still see Picasa photos in the gallery. This is because the gallery has not been refreshed and this is why it still shows Picasa photos in it. To refresh gallery, go to Settings->Application Manager->All tab. Scroll down to find Gallery application. Click on it to see more options about it. You’ll see an option of Clear Data here. Click on it to force refresh the gallery.

Remove Picasa Photos from Android

It will take some time if you have a large collection of albums or else it will only take few seconds to get it refreshed. And that’s it. An easy way to delete Picasa photos from gallery in Android. Isn’t it? Sometimes obvious is not that obvious. Such as the case where you want to enable swipe delete for Gmail app in Android rather then the default swipe archive.