How To Auto save your Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

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Ever wondered how to save your Gmail attachments to your Google Drive? Yes, but you don’t know the way out then how we have two solutions. First is that you can manually download each attachment then upload to your drive which is really time-consuming and cumbersome. Second method is pretty easy, actually it is automated and all credit goes to our India’s famous Blogger Amit Aggarwal who created a script himself which allows us to do the same. Main source article is published at his tech blog named “Digital Inspiration”. 


Script is written in a way that it saves all the attachments automatically even for the mails to arrive in future along with the ones present in your inbox already.

Things needed:

  • The one and only thing you need is the script and you can download that script from here.


  • All you have to do is to go to the file option from the Menu bar and select “Make a copy” which will open the copy of the script in another window.

Screenshot (8)

  • Again from the Menu bar choose “Run” this time and then select “Authorize” option. It will ask for various permissions which you need to grant.

Screenshot (11)

  • Then again go to “Run” and select “Start Program” option this time. Script will start running in background.

Screenshot (10)

Now you will see  that script made a folder named “Google Images” in in your Google Drive. This folder will contain all the attachments.

Screenshot (12)

After some time you will see the attachments in the Gmail Images Folder as they showed up in mine.If you still want to change the default settings in the script then head over here to see Script’s Source code..

Screenshot (13)

So did you guys like this way of saving the attachments automatically to your drive then this man Amit Aggarwal really deserve the credit. If you guys find out any problem with the above guide then simply ask us in comments below. We will love to help you.