5 Best Free Apps To Hide Pictures And Data On Android Devcie

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So today we’re talking about the top applications to hide pictures and videos on an Android device. Obviously no body wants their personal stuff to be seen by any other person. Now a day’s many users use a hiding app to for such purpose. There are many free applications available in the Android market which allows us to hide our personal stuff like pictures and videos. And there are some which are capable of hiding not only pictures and videos but also messages, contacts etc.

I looked up in market to find top 5 best app to hide pictures, videos and some other stuff like messages, calls etc. I installed many apps on my phone to find out which one is the best. After my experience with different apps I’ve listed below the 5 best apps to hide pictures downwards.

5 Best Free Android Apps to Hide Personal Data:

KeepSafe Vault:

KeepSafe Vault gives you the power to control the access to the pictures and videos. It is mainly the photo and video locker which hides the pictures and videos in a secret gallery without any storage limits. There are Pro feature which you’ll be using for free. The only problem is that this app will hide only galley content. No messages, calls etc. This app Is rated 4.8 out of 5 in Android market and we rate it 4.4 because KeepSafe cannot hide messages and contacts.


Highlighting Features:

  • Hide Pictures and Videos
  • Pin Pad access
  • UN-hide pictures from KeepSafe
  • Add pictures from Facebook app to KeepSafe
  • Share Picture from KeepSafe
  • Safe Send: Show Picture to friends for a limited time
  • Rotate and Zoom features
  • Free Slideshow feature
  • Disappears from the “Recent Apps” list
  • Multi-select feature for fast hiding, un-hiding and sharing
  • Fake Pin: Choose another Pin as Fake Pin, in case your friends force you to open KeepSafe Vault. The Fake Pin will show pictures with which you have no problem in showing to your friends.

Download “KeepSafe”: Google Play Store

Hide! A Secret Vault:

This app is new in the Android market. I thought to give it a try and find it really useful. A secret Vault to guard pictures, videos, messages and contacts. Just like KeepSafe this app too hides our personal stuff in a secret galley without any storage limits. And Pro features for free. The only reason behind a better rank than KeepSafe is that Secret Vault is capable of hiding messages, contacts and call logs too. But as it’s a new app, still need some time to improve more and get better. The Average rating of Secret Vault on Android market is 4.4 out of 5 and we rate it the same 4.4.

Hide! A secret vault

Highlighting Features:

  • Hide pictures, audios, videos and other format files
  • Pin Pad access
  • Disguise Pin for times when you get caught
  • Disappear from the “Recent Apps” list
  • UN-hide pictures, videos from Secret Vault
  • Vault to hide messages and contacts
  • Hid Call logs
  • Option to hide app to keep away from the eyes of others.

Download “Hide! A Secret Vault”: Google Play Store

Super Vault:

Super Vault was firs a Picture hiding software but the developers have added the option to hide messages, contacts and apps too. Super Vault has an integrated fast image gallery, fast video gallery and a file explorer to browse the pictures, videos, and other files. The hide files section has image hide, video hide and other file hide modes. This app is rated 4.5 out of 5 in Android market. We rate it 4.6.

Super Vault

Highlighting Features:

  • Conceal pictures
  • Hide videos
  • Hide files of any type
  • Hide messages
  • Hide call log and history
  • Multiple file hide
  • Save Password recover via emails
  • Fast galleries to hide pictures and videos
  • Folders in vault mode
  • AES encryption

Download “Super Vault”: Google Play Store

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos:

Vault-Hide makes it easy for to have fully control over your privacy. Just like Secret Vault and Super Vault, this app allows you to hide not only pictures and images, but also messages, Facebook messages, contacts etc. There are some interesting features like Vault camera which will automatically hide the pictures and videos. This app is rated 4.5 out of 5 in the Android market and we rate it 4.8 due its some interesting features.

NQ Vault-Hide

Highlighting Features:

  • Hide Pictures and videos
  • Hide contacts and call logs
  • Hide messages
  • Vault Camera
  • Hide Facebook messages
  • Dashboard

Download “Vault Hide”: Google Play Store

Hide It Pro:

Hide It Pro occupying the top spot in our list is really the best app out there. Hide all your personal data like pictures, videos, messages, calls, apps etc. You can also browse privately. This app cleverly disguised as “Audio Manager” in the app drawer. The Audio Manager is fully functional and can be used to manage audio of the device. There’s a secret way to access the actual Hide It Pro which is by long pressing the on the Audio Manager Title. This app is rated 4.8 out of 5 in the Android market and we rate it the same 4.8.Hide It Pro

Highlighting Features:

  • App disguised behind a fully functional Audio Manager
  • Media Categorized into folders of your choice
  • Multi-select hiding and un-hiding
  • Delete, share, un-hide and move pictures between albums
  • Sort files by date, size or name and sort folders by count or name
  • Gallery features: Pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom, one finger hold and move zoom.
  • Slideshow with effects
  • Disappears from “Recent Apps” list
  • Lock Screen options: Pin and Password
  • Built in Encryption tool
  • Plug-ins for messages, calls, browsing and locking apps
  • Special optimization for low end phones.

Download “Hide It Pro”: Google Play Store

So this was the list of top 5 free apps to hide pictures and other stuff on an Android device. Readers are welcomed to comment below their precious advices and comments below.