Google’s 10 Android App You Should Be Using

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best android apps from Google

If you are a new Android user who is looking for some free but not malicious apps for downloading, Google might have some great free apps for you covering almost everything from music to document organizing and other stuff. Here, we have gathered 10 best android apps from Google just for you.

Google Now

google's best apps

Google Now, an app which is often compared to Apple’s Siri, is a complete search application with some cool tricks up its sleeves. It can monitor your Google calendar and then show you the current traffic condition and a navigation option to the appointment’s location which is a really unique feature. It can also prepare cards according to your needs. It’s the best search app available at the moment that can give you a fast and easy way to find what you need on the web.

Google Drive

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Google Drive is a free file storage and sharing app with 5GB of storage 15 GB in total together with Gmail and Google Plus where you can store all your files and share them with others easily. You can upload your images, videos, documents and other files directly from your Android device and share them with your contacts. Google Docs, another popular app from Google is now a part of Google Drive.

Google Maps

10 best google apps

Google Maps is a complete map application for Android with navigation feature. This app also features detailed maps with 3D buildings, GPS navigation with turn-by-turn instructions, live traffic information and other useful stuff. If you want to quickly find a good place to eat or retail stores near you, Google Maps is what you are looking for.

Google Translate

10 best google apps

If you use Google Translate every now and then from your PC, you can do the same now from your Android phone. You can use your voice, handwriting or camera for translating and save your favorite translations if you want. However, the offline translation feature and camera input works for Android 2.3 and above devices only. The app currently supports translating text and speech between more than 70 languages.

Chrome Browser

google's 10 best apps

Chrome Browser is known as one of the fastest web browsers out there and now it’s available for your Android device. It looks quite similar to the desktop version and also allows you to open an unlimited number of browser taps. This app also features accelerated page loading, browsing in incognito mode, scrolling, and history syncing from your other Chrome browsers to let you pick up browsing right where you left off.

My Tracks

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My Tracks is a GPS tracking application that can monitor and record your path, distance, speed and elevation while you are hiking, biking, running or doing other activities. It can also announce your progress while recording and show you your data live. Once you are done recording, you can share your data with friends or export it to external storage.

Google Play Music

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Google Play Music is a great app for music lovers that make it easy to play, share and discover music they love. There are two ways to get access, All Access service (US) and Standard. Using the new All Access service, you can access to millions of songs on Google Play, create custom radio using your favorite songs and get smart recommendations. However, the unlimited streaming of millions of songs is only available in the USA for now.

Google Current

google 10 best apps

Google Current is a Flipboard like app where you get all the latest news from popular publishers in a beautiful magazine-like way. You can save stories, add your favorite blogs and feeds, get breaking stories and scan unread stories quickly using the fast scan feature. It’s a great app to get fresh news right on your Android device. This app is also known as one of the best apps from Google.

Google Goggles

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Google Goggles is an image recognition application that can search by taking a picture. You just have to point your mobile’s camera at a painting or what you want to search and Goggles will try to look for it in its database. It can also read text in different languages and translate it for you. Users can also use it as a QR/barcode scanner, Sudoku solver and text scanner using Optical Character Recognition.

Google Keep

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Google Keep is a notepad like app where you can store whatever comes on your mind. Create a checklist, create notes with photos, voice or text and get access to them from both desktop and your Android mobile. All your voice notes can be transcribed automatically and you can keep it as a widget in your homescreen to get quick access.

I hope you liked this list of best Google apps in Android. Which one you like the most?