How To Add Battery Percantage In Android Notification Bar [Quick Tip]

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Android BatteryAs an owner of a smart phone,  you must have realized that the battery life of a smart phone is always a thing of concern and it lasts only a few hours if you use your phone to its full capability i.e. access data, play games and music in speakers. Keeping an eye on the battery status helps you in avoiding battery troubles by timely charging it and if you cannot charge then saving the battery left for further usage.

By default Android shows the battery status in graphical way  in the top notification bar. But this notification does not give a clear view of the battery status. One cannot be certain of how much battery is left with the default notification. In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how can you show battery percentage in Android notification bar.

How to show battery percentage in Android notification bar:

  • Go to Settings->Display.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and under More settings, check the option of Display battery percentage.

Android Battery

Voila! Enjoy the battery status in mathematical way 😛 By the way, you may want to follow best practices to get better battery life for your Android phone.