How To Get The New Facebook News Feed

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Facebook has changed the look of its news feed (your Facebook home page) again. And we’ll see how to get the new Facebook news feed. But first lets talk about the changes. It is one of the major changes in Facebook after the Graph Search. The motto behind the new redesign of news feed is to make it less clutter and more organized with more relevant content.

At first look, the new look in the mobile version is clearly inspired by (hold your breath) Google Plus. Facebook has copied several features of Google Plus ever since Google Plus is released. Privacy policy, circles, tagging are few to name. But it is also true on the other way round. Google Plus too has taken inspirations from Facebook.

Not going in to the game of who-copied-from-whom, lets see what are the features of new Facebook News Feed:

  • Bigger photos
  • Quick access to all of the feeds
  • A unified look across the web and mobile
  • Less cluttered, more organized

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How to get the new Facebook news feed:

As of now the new Facebook news feed is available to a few people only and it is still in beta mode. But you can always request an invite. Go to and scroll down to the bottom. Look for the “Join Waiting List” button and click on it to get the beta invite.

New Facebook News Feed

To get the invite earlier, change the default Facebook language to English US. The same trick work in case if you are looking for how to get Facebook Graph Search. How do you like the new Facebook news feed? Do share it with us.