Making Smartphones Work for Business: 10 Tips to Improve Productivity

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Smartphones have become a standard device in the corporate world in recent years and keep workforces connected at all times. Outside of the corporate realm, smartphones are still the top choice as Mashable reports that 45 percent of adults are equipped with these capable devices.

The mobile technology is still relatively new to users so there is much to learn about how to best use these devices to increase productivity on a daily basis. Here is a list of techniques and tips that will help beginner to intermediate smartphone users manage their time.

1. Evernote – The ultimate idea tracking application allows user to never lose or forget their thoughts. This free application is available on Android, iPhone and iPad. Keep track of business ideas and collaborate with other users to bring ideas to life.

2. Skype – This video conversation application allows you to face-to-face conference call distant contacts for meetings or casual conversations. Keep business meetings personal by avoiding the email and saying hello to clients and customers. Optimal Skype call performance comes on 4G tablets such as the BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Tablet reviews come in handy when finding the best platform.

Smartphone for business

3. Expensify – Track expenses while on a business trip to avoid going over budget and dodge the lengthy report on return to the office. Expensify expedites the process of expense reports and allows users to scan receipts instead of gathering them in their pockets. Keep your trip focused on the business aspect rather than the receipt collecting.

4. Keynote – This application is only available on Apple products but it is great for creating and editing presentations on the go. Sync up with your Macbook or iMac to keep important presentations available before big speeches.

Smartphone for business

5. Dropbox – Available on all major smartphone operating systems, Dropbox is the ultimate file storage application. Dropbox safely stores photos, videos and other files so important information is not compromised while on the go.

6. Print Central – This is another Apple exclusive application at the moment but it provides great value for a difficult task we all face. The app allows users to connect wirelessly via 3G to available printers in the office and create hard copy documents with ease. The world of printers can be unreliable and a pain but this app helps make things a little less difficult.

Smartphone for business

7. XE Currency – Quickly determine the value of the dollar in foreign countries or translate orders from clients to make educated business decisions. This is also a great application for backpacking through any country.

8. Quickbooks – Intuit offers mobile applications for Android and iOS that allows users to track business accounts through Quickbooks. This is a great app for small business owners who need to view the books while away from their main computer.

Smartphone for business

9. Google Drive – Access all your Google favorites like Google Docs via this free mobile application. Even Apple and BlackBerry fans like to use Google’s suite of free tools and this app gives them a central dashboard to access it all.

10. Sorted – Simplify daily activities with this application that allows you to prioritize tasks and set reminders easily. This app is a great way to increase productivity in all facets of daily life.

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