Twitter Vine- The good, the bad and the ugly!

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If the 140 character micro-blogging, non other than the Twitter, your favorite social media platform.

And if you think short is sweet which helps rediscover your creative instinct by placing a barrier of limit.

Then I guess, 6 seconds short video sharing platform would be as interesting for you unless you are annoyed with the looped pattern GIFs!

Twitter Vine video app

Today we are going to get some insights about the Twitter’s all new “Vine app”. The new quirky way of sharing your ideas through short videos of six seconds on Twitter Vine app is a buzz and is ablaze at its best from the past four days. Vine is in news for all the good, the bad and the ugly reasons!

Vine was recently acquired by Twitter and is now part of the company as per the Vine blog,

We’re also happy to share the news that Vine has been acquired by Twitter. Our companies share similar values and goals; like Twitter, we want to make it easier for people to come together to share and discover what’s happening in the world.

The good uses of Vine app

Vine, a great way to capture your life in motion and share it instantly. It’s as easy as shoot, post and play! No tedious job of uploading, waiting and using the embedding code to share.

This new Twitter Vine app is free to download and available for iPhone and iPod touch at present. As per the Twitter blog, they are working towards making this app available for other platforms. Vines on the vine app are self obsessed and self-made videos unlike the traditional ways of sharing videos from Youtube. Vines are GIF like videos which can be recorded by holding the thumb for up to 6 seconds max to record the video and release the thumb to stop recording.

This new media is not any replacement for the existing ability of Twitter to share Instagram or Youtube videos, rather its an enhancement provided to the users of Twitter to make and share short videos created by them instantly. Here in this short video you can get a glimpse of what a Vine video could look like.

mixing gnarly basslines today [twitter][/twitter]

— The Glitch Mob (@theglitchmob) January 23, 2013

As is the case with awesome tweets that are paid to air by brands and businesses, it’s not too far that you can expect people going for sponsored Vines and endorsements. Brands can make it big creating Vines for their products, sneak peek about businesses, saying hi- hello to their followers, and a lot more that can be hard to imagine. Just a matter of time and the web would be flooded with ideas for making great vines and using them for building brands online and boosting businesses. Making an effective video to convey the message in six seconds is quiet challenging and requires immense creativity.

The bad news for users

Twitter put a button on their Vine app meant for the users to search their friends on Facebook through the Vine app. However, continuing the rivalry that Facebook and the Twitter have for each other and keeping their interests ahead of the users’ interests, Facebook almost immediately blocked this feature of Vine and now users are greeted with an error message while using this button on vine saying “Vine is not authorized to access Facebook“. This awful thing would be heart breaking for many Twitter and Facebook fans who use both the social networking sites for business as well as personal experience.

The ugly part of Vine!

Just like 500 px, a photo sharing app and Viddy, a video sharing app, were pulled by Apple for either making it easy to share restricted photos/videos or having featured lewd content  through these apps. Now, looks like Vine is next in the queue for standing a chance of being pulled by Apple (!) since people are readily sharing offensive videos through the app just after about 3-4 days of its launch. Who is to control this calamity of unacceptable Vines when the terms  are not firm enough to bar the content!

Do not forget to share your first Vine with us here in the comments below.

Do you have any idea on how Vine could be used to make great Vines or the videos? How do you think Twitter Vine can be used to do business and brand building?