How To Re-Download And Install Windows 8 Without Purchasing It Again

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Windows 8 New Fancy LogoWhen we last see how to install Windows 8 consumer preview, little we knew that we will have problems installing Windows 8. As you know, Microsoft has stressed on using Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant for upgrading to Windows 8 from earlier version of Windows. It comes as a surprise why Microsoft is so focused on “upgrade” rather than the famed “DVD installation”.

Anyways, when I decided to install (read upgrade to) Windows 8, I was presented with the infamous Upgrade Assistant that checked my system for compatibility with Windows 8. After I get the green signal from it, I proceeded with purchasing the Windows 8 key. Pretty easy, huh! I thought. The order details about the purchase along with the key was sent to my personal email-id.

It was around mid-night when I started downloading Windows 8. When I woke up the next morning, I found that the Windows 8 download failed automatically in the middle. Never mind, I said, I’ll do it again. And that is where the problem arise. When I ran the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant again, I was asked to purchase Windows 8 again. Now, this irked me. Hello Microsoft! I just fu*king bought it. Why should I buy it again. Duh!

And I am pretty much sure I am not alone. Web is filled with users who encountered problem with downloads such as access is denied, download failed after 100%, download failed in the middle etc.

In this tutorial we will see how to re-download Windows 8 setup files without purchasing it again. This will be helpful to all the people who could not complete the Windows 8 download and are now asked to purchase it again.

How to re-download Windows 8 setup files without purchasing it again:

Remember, that I mentioned that the purchase detail had been mailed to me? The idea is, you must have the “license key” to download the Windows 8 set-up files again. Make sure you have it with you.

Now, go to this link and download the Windows 8 Setup. Mind that it is not the same as Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. You can find this link in the email sent to you:

Windows 8 License Key


If you don’t have the Windows 8 license key emailed to you, you can download the setup files from the Windows 8 Summary page. You have to provide information that you used while purchasing it such as your name, address etc. This will take you to your order summary. On this page you can find the license key. On the same page you can also find the link to download the setup files.

Windows 8 Order Summary

Once you have downloaded the Windows 8 Setup application (approximately 5 MB in size), you can run it to download the complete Windows 8 files.

Further troubleshoot:

If you have further troubles with a failed download, you may have to remove the existing “failed downloaded” files. For this, you have to delete the following folder:


Change the USER_NAME with your own user name. If you are not able to delete it because of “access denied” error, try restarting the computer.

I hope this article helped you in re-download and installing Windows 8 without purchasing it again. Cheers :)