Checkthis Is The New Addition To The Budding Social Media Start-ups

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 Are you done with tweeting your micro blog?
 And did you finish posting on your Facebook fan page?
 How are your pins working for you on Pinterest?
 Then, your blog on tumblr, did you update it?

Okay, after you have done with all of them don’t forget to create a social poster on checkthis. checkthis is a startup out from Beligium and Frédéric della Faille is the Founder & Designer of checkthis who is accompanied by Melvyn Hills, the Co-founder & Developer.

CheckThis Social Media

As the social media marketing is making huge impact on web for individuals and businesses across the globe, new and innovative startups are budding out in full swing trying to fill the existing gap. Be it small website owners or the giants in businesses everybody is trying to make the most out of social networking sites. After Facebook and Twitter reached the heights of success, many other social media sites took shape in no time. Here another such site with a twist, checkthis!

So, what is CheckThis anyway?

checkthis is a social media site which was started with the aim to bridge the gap between regular social media enthusiasts and occasional content creators. It also had the vision of providing a platform where you can talk more than twitter and little less than a blog post. checkthis is a social poster making site which can be used only as much as you want. You decide how frequently you want to create posters or if you want to vanish from web for sometime without worrying to build your fan base by providing uninterrupted content. This is possible because every poster you create is independent in itself. Every poster has a live time-line next to it so you can see the likes, votes, comments, and much more.

The procedure and the features:

  • You can start creating posters without even creating an account unless you want to login and edit it later. Just choose one of your options, tell (write), sell (create a classified posting), ask (a survey), or invite (event invitation) and get started. You get a unique URL for your poster to share with family and friends.
  • All your collections of posters are visible in one place and the best part is you can share your posters created on checkthis outside say on twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • It’s useful for businesses and idea generators especially the ones who do not have all the time to commit for a blog. Create posters as per your requirements anytime and you don’t have to be regular.
  • Share on other social media platforms, get people talking about your poster, get traffic and see your business growing.
  • Every poster created is independent and has its own real-time interactions of comments and shares by visitors on a clean and neat time line. It even shows you if your poster is on fire!
  • You can let your creative juices flow and release your imagination of any bondage. It allows you to embed rich content like images, maps, polls, videos and even a PayPal button to enable purchases. You are also provided with rich editor which is easy to use without a perquisite for technical knowledge. Change the themes, upload custom backgrounds, and just do what you are pleased to.

Are you still thinking why use CheckThis over other mediums?

When every body on web is talking about SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization) making use of all the availabe social networking platforam, why not you? More over its free to use and that too without registering or logining in, isn’t that great? And you have something to say but it’s more for twitter and does not qualify for a blog post. And also because you want to share something that is more visually powerful than just text, full of graphics and design (or may be just plain text if you choose so).