5 Techie Gifts To Look For On Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday did not exist before the advent of the internet like Black Friday did. Cyber Monday claims to be the biggest online shopping day of the year, and it falls on the Monday after Black Friday. In fact, Cyber Monday has become so popular that many retailers offer exclusive online only deals and discounts for online holiday shoppers. Retailers have also sought to connect the shopping frenzy of Black Friday with Cyber Monday by selling gift cards and redeemable coupons in the store on Black Friday to be used online, when consumers are purchasing on Cyber Monday.

Many holiday shoppers prefer to buy tech gifts and electronic gadgets on Cyber Monday, as there are normally deep discounts on tech and electronic gifts. Everyone has a “techie” on their holiday shopping list. Sometime techies are hard to shop for, because they could want anything from the latest tablet to the best gaming laptop on the market. Here are five techie gifts to look for on Cyber Monday that are sure to excite even the most finicky techie on your list. To get some basic ideas of things that go on sale, click here.

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1. Tablets

For a while there was really only one choice in tablets. This holiday shopping season there are several excellent tablet options that will cause any techie to jump for joy. Tablets are great tools for consuming information and media and keeping up with social media. Tablets have an easy to use touchscreen interface. Tablets also organize their programs into neat little packages called applications. A seemingly infinite number of apps exist. Tablet apps will allow the techie on your list to do anything from drawing a picture to balancing their budget.

2. Laptops

Laptops these days have become very powerful computing machines. Because of their power and portability, laptops (for many people) have made desktop computers practically obsolete. A new laptop makes a great techie gift this holiday season, because laptops allow people to take their work and entertainment with them. Laptop screens can be quite large, and for some techies the laptop is both their computer and their television.

3. Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are a newer breed or next generation of laptop. Ultrabooks are the perfect marriage of the best tablet features and the best laptop features. Ultrabooks are lighter and thinner than laptops. Ultrabooks feature added security features and longer lasting batteries. Ultrabooks thrill techies, because they still include the touchscreen features of a tablet. Ultrabooks include high speed processors and solid state drives. Ultrabooks are the perfect holiday gift for the techie on your list, who is constantly moving back and forth between their laptop and their tablet.

 4. Monitors

It is very common for techies to spend their money on getting the latest and greatest electronic gadgets and computers and then have nothing left for some of the essential peripheral devices like a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. Techies usually want bigger and better monitors. Techies also want more monitors, even if they already have one. Monitors this holiday season are even available in some very formidable sizes. It is possible to purchase a computer monitor that is as large, thin, and clear as many televisions. On Cyber Monday many online retailers will offer significant discounts on high quality monitors.

5. Phones

A new smart phone will make a perfect holiday gift for the techie on your list, and Cyber Monday will feature no shortage of deals on all types of phones. Smart phones have become very sophisticated these days. People use their phones for communicating, watching TV, surfing the web, finding locations on maps, playing games, and more. No techie would be disappointed to receive a new phone this holiday season.

 Author Bio: Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. Brian’s favorite thing to look for on Cyber Monday is gaming laptops, to see some of the latest, he recommends this page.