How to get the New Facebook Profile: Timeline

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Facebook has been toeing the Google Plus line for past few weeks and it launched a number of new features today (22 Sep 2011) at F8 conference. One of the those new feature is called Timeline which gives your profile a totally new look (which resembles a bit to WAYN profile).

Salient features of the Timeline Profile:

  • A large photo on the top of the profile
  • Below is the general information, status update box and the latest activities on Facebook
  • Your friends will also be able to see your past activities (this is why the name is Timeline)

This video gives a better understanding of the Timeline profile:

How to get the New Timeline Profile:

The Timeline profile is still in beta but users can sign-up for it. So if you want to enjoy this new feature before most of the other users visit this page: Make sure that you have logged into your Facebook account. Click on Sign Me Up button on the bottom right of the screen.

The Facebook timeline is live now. Here is how to get it:

Go to

And there click on Get Timeline at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy the Timeline. :)