How to get Google+ invite (Google plus invite) [update]

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If you are still looking for Google Plus invite, visit this post: Get 150 Google Invites

The recent buzz in the industry is Google+, the Google’s candidate to compete with ‘The Facebook‘ (Is Google trying to avenge the murder of Orkut by Facebook :P). Social Networking Sites have evolved to a great extent and are a good source of information which can help in personalising the web experience (Google always pressed for the web experience to be person oriented). With the recent spat between Facebook and Google (remember the malign campaign against Goggle by Facebook PR company?) it was quite evident that Google will have its own way and the Google+ indeed seems to be an apt answer to Facebook. Google started the project step by step with Google Wave, Google Buzz and now its in penultimate stage. If you want to find out more about Google+, here is a link to the demo:

As of now Google+ is available only to a handful of users but soon they will start rolling down the invitations. If you want to request an invitation go to this link:

Did someone add you?:

If someone adds you to his/her circle, you might not get an email but you still CAN be able to join Google+. Go to and see if it gives you the option of joining Google+.

On Google+ but do not know how to invite friends from Facebook? Click Here.

Get a Google+ invite by subscribing to the blog:

So many people have requested for a Google+ invite but it is not possible for me to copy 300 mail address one by one and then invite them. An easier way is subscribe to this blog (This is not to promote my blog, once you get your invite you are free to unsubscribe from it). And then I can download the subscriber details in CSV format and add them to Google contacts and will invite them in bulk. I have just sent Google+ invite to 27 active subscriber of the blog. So if you want one, subscribe to the blog rather than adding a request in the comment box. Thank you.


I invite all the subscriber around 3 times a day. If you do not get the invite or not able to use the invite, its not because of me but Google. In any case, all the subscriber are invited in each round so there is no chance for anyone to be left behind. Like a good doctor I do my duty, the rest is in God’s (Google in the case) hand.


Google has blocked my Google+ profile for violating the terms and condition. I sent so many invitations that it irritated them. So much for my philanthropy work. It means I am no more allowed to send any invitation. I have created another profile to invite people but having trouble getting all my contacts on Google+.

People who earlier got Google+ invitation but were not allowed to join should check that old mail again and try again.

Special thanks to Mark, Steve, Mohamed, Jean Baez, Ахлам малак, Kriz for helping out people with G+ invites.